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The Psychology Behind Why Spending Money Feels Good


Your eyes aren’t to blame for that last impulse buy, but your blame. Its reward center blitzes out with feel-good chemicals following a purchase, making you crave that post-purchase high even more in the future. (Dubious? Read up on therapy for shopping addiction for more proof.) Titonka Savings Bank is here to help you understand your brain’s cravings – and how to fight back.

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A Budget-Friendly Halloween


By now you’ve surely noticed the chill in the air, signaling that fall is in full swing. This also means two things: Halloween will soon be here, and your kids’ candy and sugar intake is going to increase greatly. While they’re worried about what they are going to be this year, you have to keep the money side of this unique holiday in mind.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends about $77 on decorations, candy and costumes each year. Spending an extra $77 doesn’t seem like much, but it can make an impact on your monthly budget.

Titonka Savings Bank doesn’t want you to be scared by Halloween costs this year! Save some cash with these helpful tips:

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Finding the Best Job in Retirement


How do you picture your retirement? If it includes continuing to do work of some kind, you’re not alone.

A 2013 survey from Harris Interactive found that 60 percent of workers over the age of 60 plan to look for a new job after retirement. “So, then what’s the point of retiring?” you may ask. The beauty of a job in retirement is that you get to choose your schedule and don’t have to work to the point that it stresses you out.

Check out these ideas if you are going to be looking for a job in retirement:

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Steer Clear of Cyber Goblins During Cyber Security Month


October is the spookiest month of them all. Corn fields become haunted mazes, ordinary buildings become haunted houses, and Halloween conjures up images of skeletons, goblins and ghouls.

But there is something scarier than all of those things that can happen suddenly: a cyberattack. October is Cyber Security Month, and Titonka Savings Bank wants to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions with your online security to thwart the devilish thieves who would love to gain access to your personal or financial information.

Review the following tips to see where you could improve your cyber security.

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