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Scary Sweets for Halloween


At Titonka Savings Bank, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! We love resurrecting recipes each year for both neighborhood and community Halloween parties. Before you start planning your next Halloween bash, be sure to add these dangerous delicacies to your list of spooky specialties!

Witch’s Fingers: These pretzel rods add a delicious and haunting bite to any attendee’s plate! Simply cover each pretzel in melted bright green chocolate and attach an almond at the tip. Make them even more realistic by painting the almonds black with food coloring, and adding creases in the fingers.

Bug Cups: Surprise your guests with these crawling cups. Comprised of gummy treats, jello, and crushed Oreos, this easy desserts will entertain your party as they dig their way through the tasty treat.

Witch’s Brew: Filled with pickled beet and ogre’s toe, this gruesome drink will give you all the energy you need for a fun-filled evening of trick-or-treating. For the adults concocting this brew, you may find a mix of orange juice, sparkling grape juice, and sparkling apple juice will make for a the most fruitful potion.

Pumpkin Cake: A magical Halloween sweet, this delicious pastry is created to look just like a jack-o-lantern. Remember to customize your design with your family’s favorite pumpkin carving!

Halloween Cookie Cake: Covered in slime and bark, this famous treat is the perfect treat for exhausted Halloween monsters. Give your little monsters a slice after trick-or-treating or before watching a family scary movie!

Caramel Apple Nacho Bar: Tailor your recipe to your own terrorizing tastes with this ooey gooey spread. You can choose the best ghoulish garnishes for you and your guests!

Jello Worms: Scare your friends with these creepy crawlers. Just combine your favorite jello, plain gelatin, and hot water to get these critters moving.

Jack-o-Lantern Pies: Be sure to scoop up these horrifying hand pies for your next event. With a simple crust, and a scrumptious filling, these decadent desserts are sure to be a hit at any fall festivity.

Butterbeer Hot Chocolate: For all the witches and wizards out there, this classic drink will make you want to say, “Repello Muggletum!” Get started and craft a cup for one, or for the entire place, this is a recipe you’ll want to try again and again!


How a $1,397 Cup of Coffee is a Bargain


What do you dream of doing when you retire? Relaxing at home, traveling the world, or maybe a mix of both. Wherever your retirement takes you, you’ll want to be sure your savings can support your future lifestyle. Keep your dreams on track and follow this simple guide courtesy of Titonka Savings Bank.

When you decide to retire, you start to receive the benefit of those hard-earned savings you’ve tucked away. Interest earned from these savings, along with any assistance you may receive, will soon become your primary source of income. This means that in order to have a successful retirement, you need to have a successful savings.

As of today, the estimated cost of future income is $16.75. This means that if you want to accrue $1 in earned income each year, you need to keep a savings of $16.75 in the bank. Now, let’s say for example, one of your retirement goals is to go down to the local diner each weekend and meet with friends for a cup of coffee. This cup of coffee costs $1.61, and for the sake of simplicity we won’t factor in inflation.

$1.61 x 52 weeks = $83.46 for your yearly coffee.

At $83.46 for the year, that would calculate to be $834.60 over the course of a decade, and $2503.80 over the next 30 years. However, once we calculate the current dollar of future income:

$83.36 x $16.76 = $1397.11 to cover your coffee for 30 years.

By this measure, you can pay for over $2503.90 of weekend coffee, by simply accumulating the interest, year after year, on the total sum of $1397.11.

Concepts like this help showcase the incredible potential your retirement can hold! If you’re curious on how to maximize your savings, stop in today to speak with one of our knowledgeable personal bankers. We’ll help show you how to have your coffee and drink it too!

The Envelope System 1-2-3


This age old budgeting is still offering valuable insights to individuals and family across the country. Simplistic in form, this budgeting tool can help you manage your funds through direct accountability and a simple tracking function. Get started today, and Titonka Savings Bank will help you along the way!

  1. What is the envelope System?

The envelope system is a budgetary guide where each category of your budget is represented by a physical envelope, filled the cash for that month’s spending. As you need to spend in a designated category, you only use the funds from its matching envelope. Once the envelope is empty, no more spending.

  1. How does it work?

This budget hinges upon your accountability to yourself, and not overspending in areas where there is no cash remaining. Before setting the amounts for the month, examine your current spending and see which areas perhaps you could cut back, and other categories that may need a few more dollars. This will help ensure that your monthly budget is an achievable goal, that won’t leave you wanting at the end of the month.

  1. Why should I try it?

Getting your finances together helps open opportunities that may not have been present before. By accurately and responsibly managing your finances you may have the potential to save for a vacation, pay off debt, or purchase that item you’ve been dying for. By trying this system you are creating a goal for you and your family to look forward to a debt-free and more financially secure future.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Stop in the bank today and we can work with you to withdraw the amounts needed for your individual spending categories, and we’ll even give you the envelopes to go with them. If you’re still curious on how to best set-up your monthly budget, we can help with that too – just drop us a line or stop by!