5 Gift Ideas for the Last-Minute Shopper

last minute gifts

The countdown to the holidays is on. Have you tackled your gift list yet?

If the answer is “Well, I’ve been meaning to…”, there’s not much time left to place thoughtful orders online without paying insane express delivery fees. You could make a dash to the store last minute, but what good’s a present if there’s no thought behind the giving? Your friends at Titonka Savings Bank have made last-minute gift ideas a snap with these inexpensive yet personal present suggestions:

  1. Tap the App store: If your gift recipient is app-happy, gift them a few new apps from the Apple store. Sent directly from your personal device, choose the “Gift This App” option to deliver it to another’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod in a matter of moments. (Android’s Google Play doesn’t offer this option yet, so make sure their device is iOS compatible.)
  2. Compile a memory bucket: For $5-$10, you can stuff a creative container (think lanterns, shower caddies, etc.) with snacks and trinkets that commemorate your relationship. Dollar stores, bargain bins, and thrift stores are perfect for padding this gift, as the goal is quantity and not quality of materials (although the memories they represent are top notch!).
  3. Personalize a mug: Most dollar stores carry mugs that can easily be customized with the help of a Sharpie. Doodle on it a favorite quote, their lesser-known nickname, or an inside joke they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere online, and stick it in the oven to bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees to seal it on. Bonus points if you stuff the mug with packets of their favorite hot drink.
  4. Whet Their Appetite for a Dinner Date: Rather than a gift card to a restaurant, gift a symbolic item promising they can redeem it for the real thing with you later. Do they love barbecue joints? Wrap up a bottle of their favorite sauce. Are they a fan of that Thai place down the street? Gift a jar of gourmet peanuts. They’ll love the excitement of a two-part present.
  5. Where you met: For friends and significant others, commemorate the first time you met with an inexpensive memento of that location. If it’s a coffee thermos from the café or a homemade pendant of the city where your paths collided, they’ll remember the launch to your relationship every time they use it.

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your gifts matter. Meet with one of our financial advisors who can help you decide how you allocate your cash this month and beyond by giving us a call!