Friday Night Lights: The Impact Sports Can Make

Lacing up their cleats. Stretching before the big game. Countless hours practicing. In the moment, your child might not realize it, but they’re doing more than just preparing to win a championship or set a new state record. They are developing skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Sports have long been known to not only help kids develop physically but mentally and emotionally as well. In addition to becoming physically fit, do you know the other benefits of your kids participating in youth sports?

  1. Develop Teamwork and Leadership Skills – Like most things in life, especially in the work place, projects are rarely a solo venture. Generally, you’re working alongside others to accomplish a common goal. Athletics create a wonderful environment to help kids learn how to cooperate with others, be responsible and take accountability for their actions and decisions. If someone misses the shot, they own it. If there isn’t cooperation on the field, it’s noticeable. With 75 percent of employers saying teamwork and collaboration is “very important,” it’s a great soft skill to help instill in your kids at a young age.
  2. Strategic Thinking – Participating in sports is more than just kicking a ball around or running laps. It’s about planning ahead, reading your opponent and developing a game plan. Much like the skills required for managing personal finances, sports help develop those strategic thinking skills and encourage forethought prior to making decisions. In addition to those skills, sports also fosters discipline, which is great to have in many facets of life including savings for future purchases or even retirement.
  3. Build Confidence – With the intention of being a fun outlet for young athletes, sports can also play a dramatic role in helping boost and build one’s self-confidence. Through sports, players learn to not fear failure, learn how to work towards a collective goal and the see firsthand the importance of preparation. It’s also a great way for children to learn about weaknesses and the benefits of practice and persistence.

While most athletes won’t go on to be professionals, they will reap the benefits of being exposed to sports and the life lessons that come along with being on a team. If you’re looking to help your student athlete become more prepared for the world of finances, we encourage you to stop on by one of our locations and learn about which products/services might be right to help set them up for future success.