Host a Fantastic BBQ on a Budget

Enjoy your next summer BBQ without over spending.

Enjoy your next summer BBQ without over spending.


Summertime brings more time to spend outdoors and summer barbecues. If you could, you would probably have friends and family over all the time for a barbeque, but it’s not always in the budget. Today, Titonka Savings Bank is bringing you tips for to host a fantastic BBQ on a budget.

How to host a fantastic budget bbq-

Stick to a budget. When setting a budget, be firm and realistic. While you’re at the store, do not feel the need to go overboard with sides and desserts. Keep it simple because most people do not expect extravagant sides and grill food.

Search for deals. If you know ahead of time how many people are coming and what foods you will be providing, search the local grocer ads for savings. You might even save more by heading to multiple grocery stores for deals. Summertime foods like chips, potato salad and grill food are typically on sale during the summer and have additional manufacturer’s coupons to take advantage of.

Have everyone bring a side. Make the barbeque event a potluck, so you are not in charge of paying for all of the food. You can either have everyone bring their own meat and you provide the sides, or the other way around. People are typically willing to contribute food if you ask.

Don’t go overboard with the meat. Stick to hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and maybe chicken. These are typically more cost friendly options when it comes to feeding many people. Leave the steaks and pork chops for a smaller crowd so you don’t blow your budget on meat.

Titonka Savings Bank hopes you are able to host a fantastic BBQ on a budget this summer. To learn more about our savings accounts, estatements and checking, contact us today.

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