Prevent Identity Theft on your Summer Vacation

Have an enjoyable vacation and avoid identity theft with these helpful tips.

Have an enjoyable vacation and avoid identity theft with these helpful tips.


Your family’s summer vacation is right around the corner and as you are completing last minute details of your travel, remember to make plans to protect your identity. No matter if the vacation is out of the country, across the state or across the country, Titonka Savings Bank is bringing you tips for preventing identity theft on your summer vacation.

Tips to prevent identity theft on your summer vacation:

  1. Leave critical documents at home. When you’re not traveling, your wallet or purse may include medical documents, a checkbook, multiple credit cards and your social security card. While on family vacation, leave these documents at home. Only take necessary credit cards and medical documents. By leaving these critical documents in a secure place at home, you’ll decrease your risk for identity theft.
  2. Make copies of your family’s insurance card and passports. These copies can save you a headache down the road if one of your children happens to misplace their passport or lose it. Make enough copies of the insurance card for everyone to be safe.
  3. Alert the bank about your travels. No matter where your travels lead you, let TSB Bank know about your plans so we can track any unusual spending. If TSB does not know about your travels, your cards may be temporarily blocked because of spending in a different location. By telling us the dates of your travel, we can track spending in the same area after your vacation to see if any cards or bank information was compromised.
  4. Beware of public WiFi and public computer usage. Never use a public internet connection to check your bank accounts and other secure information. Hackers can easily access your phone or laptop if you are on a non-secure network. If you must use a public connection, clear the cookies and browsing history as a preventative measure.

TSB Bank hopes you enjoy this year’s family vacation. Contact us today if you have travel plans or need assistance with signing up for a debit card, so you don’t have to fumble with cash while on vacation.

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