Summertime Home Staging Tips

Sell your home quickly and easily by properly staging your home.

Sell your home quickly and easily by properly staging your home.


If you’re selling your home during the summer months, it is even more important to stage all aspects of the house from the inside out. Titonka Savings Bank wants to help make selling your home easy, so here are some summertime home staging tips to follow.

Summertime home staging tips-

It’s all about the curb appeal: First impressions can be a make or break deal for some potential buyers. Knock your socks off by making your front yard clean, green and appealing for all to enjoy. You may hear it again and again, your curb appeal could be the most important aspect to selling your home. You’re hearing that for a good reason because many buyers care about the way your lawn is kept, as it is an indicator of how well kept the inside of the house is.

Create an inviting porch: Whether your home has a wraparound porch, screened in porch or a front deck, make it as appealing as possible. Set up outdoor furniture so the potential buyers can feel as if it’s an area where they could entertain family and friends. Even if your home only has a tiny stoop, make it say welcome home for those looking at the phone. Set out a new Welcome mat and colorful plants for an inviting look.

Play with the natural light so the house feels bigger: Open the blinds and curtains for more natural light. Natural light can make a home feel bigger and lighter. Incorporate light colors inside your home and rearrange furniture for easier flow. You can appeal to everyone by creating a comforting ambiance.

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