Top Budgeting Apps

Keep your budget on your mobile device with a budgeting app.

Keep your budget on your mobile device with a budgeting app.

Nowadays, we can access most of our banking information at the touch a button directly from our mobile phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to access your monthly or weekly budget that quickly as well? Titonka Savings Bank wants to help make this happen! With so many budgeting apps out there, we have complied a list of the best budgeting apps in 2015:

  1. Mint Budgeting App – Mint can be set up to send you alerts such as unusual charges as well as offer budgeting tips specific to your spending habits. When it comes to security, you don’t need to worry with Mint because it uses the same high security measures as online banking and is backed by TurboTax and Quicken.


  1. Wally App – If you are interested in tracking simple and individual purchases, then Wally is a great option for you. This free App allows to your track all of your transactions by taking a photo of your receipt or entering your transaction manually. You can set financial goals as well as set up alerts for when bills are due.


  1. GoodBudget App – The GoodBudget app is the digital version of the envelope system. While using the envelope system to manage your budget, this app can also be synced with all of your devices, so everyone in your family knows what is going on with the budget. Looking to save for an upcoming big purchase? GoodBudget can help you plan and save for that as well.


  1. Unsplurge – Unsplurge isn’t quite a total budgeting app, but is a wonderful option to save for a new car or a big vacation. Unsplurge offers a fun way to save for the things you love by tracking and logging your savings as well as offering tips on how to save extra.

Technology moves fast in today’s world and we want to help you stay with it. Using a budgeting app can help you more easily track your finances and achieve your banking goals. For more information, please contact Titonka Savings Bank today.