You Know You’re a Farmer When…

If you live, or have lived on a farm, these quirks come naturally and are the norm for you. However, those who don’t regularly drive tractors and pick corn may not quite understand what is customary in our small town farming communities. That’s why we at TSB Bank have compiled a list of oddities that you may only see if you’re a farmer.

You know you’re a farmer when:

  • Your dog rides in the truck more than your wife.
  • You wave every time you see a combine.
  • Waking up at 8:00 AM is sleeping in.
  • You break your finger moving hogs, but say you’ll fix it later.
  • You’re leaving for Sunday church, but first need to get a bull back in the pen, all still in your dress clothes.
  • Family weddings and special events are planned around spring planting and fall harvest.
  • Your animals live in a more expensive building than you.
  • Your excuse for getting out of school is that the cows got out.
  • Your closest neighbor is in the next section, and that’s at least a mile away.
  • Baling wire and duct tape can fix just about anything.
  • Hay bale jumping was the most exciting activity of all time as a child.
  • You’ve driven off the road while examining the neighbors’ crops.
  • Your first driving lesson was in a cornfield.
  • Picking up rocks is just another chore.
  • Your cupboards and fridge are full of syringes and livestock medicines.
  • The first vehicle you learned to drive was a tractor at seven years old.
  • Your idea of four seasons is calving, planting, haying, and harvesting.
  • It rains for a week and you haven’t turned a wheel.

We are proud to serve our small farming communities and support those who put food on our tables. TSB Bank hopes that you carry that pride into other communities that you may visit or one day live. If you have questions about the products or services we offer, contact us today!

TSB Bank, Let’s Grow Together